Posted on March 17th, 2008


Regretfully, as of March 17th, 2008 the FurDir has been taken offline. Thank you to all the nearly 2000 users and the people who helped in testing of the original application. Unfortunately the need that the FurDir was developed to meet has been replaced by many new social networking and mapping technologies that far better meet these needs. On this page are a few links to other Furry directory, locator and information sites that will hopefully be helpful.


The FurDir was originally developed in 1996 when there were only a few Furry directory sites, but all were maintained manually. The FurDir was thusly designed to be a 100% automated and user maintained directory information and search database. There has never been any active administration of the FurDir system. In 2001, additional calendaring, mapping, convention and link information tools were added to the site.

Since that time, many other Furry directory sites have come and gone. In the past few years social networking tools have allowed many new avenues for information sharing, searching, mapping and collaboration. The FurDir was developed to be a collaborative resource, not a competitve one and now is as good a time as any to yield to these much more effective technologies.

The FurDir was developed solely by Thumper using ColdFusion, a server side dynamic web technology. The FurDir is being taken offline at this time because the site has to be moved from its old dedicated server to a new hosted solution. Unfortunately the code is nearly 12 years old and will not function correctly on new hosted servers who do not offer access to some of the proprietary functions needed for it to operate correctly. Thumper does not have the time to re-develope the code and thus has sadly made the decision to pull the plug, but hopes all the past users will be able to find even more information through newer systems and technologies now available.

Please direct all question or comments to [email protected]